Why screen?

Consider these statistics:

1 in 5 people of Ashkenazi Jewish descent is a healthy carrier of at least one severe Jewish Genetic Disorder (JGD).

80% of children affected by a severe recessive JGD are born to parents who have no known family history of the condition.

If two people are both carriers of the same recessive JGD there is a 1 in 4 chance that they will have a child affected by the disorder.

Participating in a GENEius screening event allows you to identify if you are a healthy carrier of a severe recessive JGD, including Tay-Sachs disease. Carriers for these conditions are not themselves affected, but are at an increased risk of passing on the condition to their children if their partner is also a carrier of the same disorder. For so called 'carrier couples' there are options for managing the risk of having an affected child. Therefore, being aware of your carrier status enables you to take control and handle any potential risks, so that you can effectively protect the health of your future family.

Be informed about your Jewish genetic makeup so you can take control of your future

Book a screening

Click here to register for your school's in-house GENEius screening event. You will be directed onwards to book a timeslot and complete a registration form.

Only do this if;
* You are 16 years or above
* You have at least one Ashkenazi Jewish grandparent
* You have discussed screening with your parents.

If your school is not hosting a GENEius screening event please register your interest in alternative screening in the righthand section.

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Register your interest

Register your interest here for a future GENEius screening event.

This is may be relevant to you because you have attended the GENEius educational session but your school is not hosting a GENEius screening.

We will be back in touch with details of forthcoming events once they are scheduled.